September 2017

Monadnock Herbal Society
Minutes: September 27, 2017

Meeting started 7:05

Members Present: Jean Greff, Bev Weymouth, Joan O’connor,  Linda Kowelsh, Dawn Forde, Marian Baker, Rod Phipps,Joan Phipps, Craig Ardell, Gale Luby, Mickie Clement, Dale Carpenter, Betty Carpenter, June Holm.

Hostess: Jean Greff and Bev Weymouth: Had a very pretty table with snacks and refreshments: crackers & cheese, cantaloupe, grape, cream cheese & pepper jack jelly, pumpkin-cranberry nut bread, linzer tarts, teas.

Treasurer: We have a balance of $750.00. March start a new year.We still don’t have anyone interested in being treasurer. So at this time June Holm was appointed as Secretary/ Treasurer of Monadnock Herb Society. Marian Baker and June Holm will go to bank to sign papers to add June Holm as a signatory.

If anyone would like to be treasurer please email or call Marian or June.

Herb of month: Joan Phipps talked on corn silk how soft it is. And is good for urinary tract infection. Put the silk in and porcelain-enamel pan bring to just a boil turn down to low for 5 minutes. Then steep 5 to 10 minutes. Filter and put in fridge. and sip it when needed. Chickweed: take the plant and put it on your eye infection or pink eye. Anytime making medicine always use porcelain-enamel pans.

She told us about humming birds in a birch tree drinking the sap from woodpeckers making holes.

Bev Weymouth talked about people using Round-Up  around the Franklin Pierce lake and may cause cancer. Glyphosate commonly known as Round-Up toxic herbicides. And imidacloprid is a neurotoxin possibly  causes of bee decline.

Speaker: Our speaker we had plan for ended up sick, So Marian Baker stepped in and had a great presentation on Identifying birds of prey:  Owls:Barred owl, Saw whet owl, Screech owl, Great horned owl eat skunks and have one or two hoots. Vultures: can have a 6 ft. wing spread. And a bunch of them flying around together something is dead. Eagles: eat dead animals and fish. Osprey: has been seen around Contoocook River. Falcons: have wings are crooked narrow and pointed. large head and a long tail, for fast flight. They eat insects, rodents and birds. Loons: stay here but some go as far as NC. Hummingbirds: fly across the Gulf of Mex. and fly back having eggs inside. This is to just name a few Marian had talked about.

Next Meeting: October 25 2017     7:00 PM Fox Forest  silent auction please bring all the things you want to auction.

Notice:  I will send out a notice Monday the 23rd about meeting.

Jean Greff recipe for Pumpkin-Cranberry Nut Bread:
2 eggs
1 – 15 oz can pumpkin (without sugar and spices)
1 cup splenda
½ cup light olive oil
1 ⅔ cups flour
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp ginger
¼ tsp cloves
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
1 5oz package dried chopped cranberries
½ cup pecans chopped fine

Mix well eggs,pumpkin,splenda, and oil, add flour,spices,baking soda, and salt. Mix in cranberries and pecans.
Pour into greased and floured loaf pan and bake 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Meeting ended at 8:05 PM


Until next thyme


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