May 2018

Monadnock Herbal Society

Minutes May 30,2018

Meeting started 7:15 P.M.

Members Presents:Marian Baker, Joan O’Connor, Bev Weymouth, Mickie Clement, Mary Newbacher, Jennifer Raymond, John & Jackie Stetser, Joan & Rod Phipps, Dudley Giberson, Nancy & Alan Bessette and June Holm.

Hostess: Mickie Clement cupcakes, devil eggs, lemonade.

Herb Of Month: Marian Baker on Dandelions, Flowers for making tea, tempura for frying, jelly that taste like honey.

Plant Swap: We lots of plants for everyone to swap great turn out.

Next Meeting: June 27, 2018  7:00 P.M. For Forest, We need a Hostess for June Mary N. Had something that came up. And herb of will be done by Jennifer .

And we will be talking about speakers for the coming months.

Due: Please remember due time.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.

Please if there are any errors or omissions please notify me

June Holm Secretary/Treasurer

Until next thyme


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