Meeting Minutes for August

Minutes of Monadnock Herb Society- 25 August,2021 at Fox Forest, Hillsboro

12 people came from Hillsboro, Deering, and Washington

  1. Display of Abenaki Uses of Local Plants

Marian Baker showed and explained about the display of Abenaki Uses of Plants ( as taught to the early

settlers of Hillsboro area). The exhibit was done by Jennifer Raymond, Marian Baker, Gale Luby, with

the assistance of Lynne Clowes a Micmac from Warner. It was part of the History Alive Event at Hillsborough Center the 21st and 22nd of August and attracted a lot of people interested in joining our organization.

2. Demonstration of Propagation. (show and tell)

Jean Greff shared and demonstrated a new, easier way to propagate (root cuttings) some plants.

3. Bulbs

Gale Luby shared about ways to plant fall bulbs.

4. Plant swap

We then had a plant swap.

Refreshments were Sumac lemonade (Indian Lemonade made from from red Staghorn Sumac berries.)

Marian Baker brought the lemonade and some lime cookies.

5. Treasurer’s report

Mickie Clement sent in regrets, so no report this month.

Respectfully submitted,

Marian Baker, Secretary