May 2017

Monadnock Herbal SocietyMinutes:
April 26 2017

Meeting started at 7:10 PM we had 9 members and 2 new Kim Drake, and Beverly Weymouth. Plant and herb swap had lots of plants and herbs to choose jumpin johnny, lily, parsley, thyme, lemon thyme, tomato plants, hasta, chamomile, just to name a few great turn out.

Herb Of Month: Gale Luby had talked about Strawberry that takes tartar off teeth. Ginger, peel chop squeeze into tea helps with sore throat, headache, motion sickness, morning sickness  and digestive aid. Aloe helps hair to grow,helps burns, cuts, insect bites. Cherry’s has melatonin in them with makes you sleepy. Cabbage probiotic, and prebiotics, also packed with vitamin B good source of vitamin C.   The cabbage its not raw or cooked cabbage, its the  sauerkraut that’s made from the cabbage, it becomes a different when its fermented, its the fermentation that creates all the benefits. Kidney beans are poisonous to people with type A blood. Black Walnuts highest protein content of any nut tree, the tree poison the ground under the tree.     Nuts give off a poison that prevents other tree types from growing and the science behind digesting nuts is that  same poison which is protease inhibitor enzyme, disables human digestion from processing nuts unless the nuts are soaked in salted water and or roasted to stop that enzyme.
Cinnamon: 4 kinds Ceylon, Cassia, Saigon, Korintje.


Gale talked about coconut sugar instead of regular sugar looks like brown sugar, may alter the taste or color of a final product. Coconut sugar has 3 to 9% fructose and regular sugar is 50% fructose. Raw honey is another good sweetener.

Where you can buy vitamins and lots of other things.

Bonnie Smiley: Passed away May 2017, Gale told us about her house, the kitchen wall was painted a rich coral color. And then she noticed an Amaryllis the same color on the table against the wall.

 New Business:  Joan Phipps treasurer is not able to continue as treasurer at this time. Marian as the other signatory will collect the money temporarily until another person can be found to be treasurer. Anyone available??? It is not a major time consuming job.

Brochures: Joan O’Connor brought in Concord Farmers Market Capitol street Concord NH. Buy local,, Fiddlehead book,  a guide to living local in southern NH. Garden in the woods 180 Hemenway Road Framingham,Ma.01701. And to name a few Farmers Markets to visit: Hillsborough,Henniker, New Boston, Washington.

 Notices for meetings: Will be sent out to remind everyone who is doing what,who is the MC, Hostess, and herb of month.

And the address will be send out for June meeting which will be at Marian at 4:00 PM. Hope to see you all at the next meeting.

 Until next thyme


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