March 2017

Members Present: Mickie Clement, Jean Greff, Gale Luby, Marian Baker, June Holm and a new member Pasca Ferwerda,

Meeting started at 7:10 PM we swapped herb,and flower seeds. That was great and talked about different one we had, here are a few names we had and swapped, Sweet William, echinacea, mallow, bird house gourds, black cohosh, carrots, pansies, balm, plus many more.

Herb of month: GingerGale Luby talked about how it’s anti-inflammatory, and here a couple of other benefits, treating colds,nausea,helps reduce sinusitis,and throat soreness. you can slice it or grated it and squeeze into boiling water  to make a tea and simmer for 15-20 minutes depending on taste. you can add honey or agave nectar to taste.

We talked about Cold Frames so you can start your garden earlier in spring and have your garden later in the fall. Here are some chilling resistant crops,spinach, chard, scallions, carrots to name a few.Meetings for coming month’s

April meeting has been changed from Birds of NH to a herbalist coming in from Grasshoppers Garden Center from New Boston to talk about a couple herbs,and how to prune fruit trees and berry bushes.

May:  Herb & Plant swap
June: Mary Neubacher for tea ???
July: Shaker herbs???
Aug: Watermelon at Gale Luby’s
Sept: Birds of NH
Oct: Silent auction
Nov: Soup & bread
Dec: No Meeting

Website: Monadnock Herbal Society will be updated, as well as Facebook and notice’s  put in papers.
Emails will be sent out before the next  meeting for a reminder.
Hope to see you all at the meeting.
Until next thyme,

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