June 2017

Monadnock Herbal Society
Minutes: June 28, 2017

Members Present :Mickie Clement, Jean Greff, Marian Baker, Bev Weymouth, Joan Phipps, Carolyn Rordam, Dudley Giberson, Janet Byron, Marie Salamone, June Holm.

Meeting was at Marian cottage home on her porch looking over lake.We had crackers & cheese with cukes and tomatoes. Ginger cookies,fresh strawberry,lemon cake,rhubarb tarts,puff pastry with goat cheese and jelly.

Fresh brewed tea, lemonade with ginger.

Herb of month: Mickie Clement talked about Turmeric medicinal and culinary. Turmeric further explored are its anti-cancer properties. Plus anti-inflammatory compound improves brain function. Lower your risk of heart disease. And may be useful in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Mickie told us how she uses it in making her pumpkin soup.

Tour of gardens: We visited Janet Byron garden. Beautiful garden around here home. Then we visited Marian vegetable garden. It was a very nice tour of both.

Meetings coming up:

July:  Marian will give a slide show on early summer wildflowers of Hillsboro.

title of the program is:

Early Summer Wildflowers of Hillsboro area.

Website: Monadnock Herbal Society will be updated, as well as Facebook.

Emails will be sent out before next meeting for a reminder.

Hope to see you all at the next meeting.
Until next thyme



Until next thyme



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