July 2017

Monadnock Herbal Society
Minutes: July 26,2017

Meeting started at 7:05 PM
Members Present: Marian Baker, Betsy & Doug Wenny, Dudley Giberson, Carolyn Rordam, Mary Neubacher, Joan Phipps, Dale & Betty Carpenter, Gale Luby, June Holm.And two new people that was very nice to meet Nancy Davison, Deborah Crooker.

Hostess: June Holm cheese and veggie platter with crackers and Ice tea and hot tea.

Treasurer:  we need a treasurer  if anyone is interested please email Marian Baker or June Holm. And we will get you set up.

Program for July: Early summer wildflowers of Hillsboro NH.

June & July is for Lady Slippers and Queen Ann Lace.  Hemlock look’s alot like Queen Anne Lace but Hemlock is poison, it is one of the most deadliest plants in North America can be fatal if just a small amount is ingested.

Marian had a great slide show here are few Day lily-( dig them up eat roots as potatoes).

Mountain Laurel, hawkweed(devil’s paintbrush),Blackeye Susan, Milkweed good for butterflies, Wild Chives, Ginseng, Jack in the Pulpit, Canada lily, Indian Cucumber (root can be eaten) Winter green, Hop Clover, Yarrow, Plus many more. She also have Spring, Late Summer and Fall slides.

Herb Of Month: Joan talked about Plantain for cuts or rashes, insect bites. it’s a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Can make a homemade healing salve.

Wild Yarrow:Used for fever, common cold, hay fever,Chew a few leaves to relieve toothache.

Wood Betony: Mary talked on this plant and bought it in, flowers June thru Sept. 1 teaspoon of dried leaves with 1 cup of boiling water steep for 5 minutes, tastes like black tea but contains no caffeine. For sore throat and gum inflammation gargle with cool tea.

Meeting end: 8:15 PM

Meeting coming up:
August:Watermelon at Gale Luby from 4 to 6 PM. 300 Beard Road Hillsboro NH        MC: Gale Luby.     Hostess: Mary Neubacher and Marie Salamone.

Website: Monadnock Herbal Society will be updated, as well as Facebook.

Emails: will be sent out before next meeting for a reminder.
Hope to see you all at next meeting.


Until next thyme



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