January 2017

Members Present: Jean Greff, Marian Baker, Jackie Morehouse, Mickie Clement, June Holm.

Blessing was done by Mickie Clement.

We had a Potluck Supper  that was great.
Mexican Chicken was made by Jean, Ribs with pineapple Marian, Chicken Ramenoff  and Apple Cider Mickie, Cheese and Crackers and Dessert, tea, coffee June Holm.We talked about not having a meeting for February and decided not to have meeting.

The next meeting will be March 29, 2017   7:00 PM  Smith Church Hillsboro. This meeting will be about Starting seeds and swap seeds. So bring your extra seeds for herbs  plants, and veggies you want to swap. Even if you have to buy a pack of seed to share.

And please bring some newspaper to put on tables.
Marian will bring Dessert, Jackie will bring drinks.

Feb 22: No meeting
March 29: Starting seeds and seed swap.
April 26: is still open.
May 31:  Speaker: Trying to get Janet Byron with her bird
June 28:  Herb & Perennial plant swap.
Notice will be send out to remind everyone of meeting. And I would like to know who is coming so we can get a head count so if you could just email back when I send out notice.
Hope see you all there!
Any questions please feel free to e-mail or call me.
Thank You!   June

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