May 2017

Monadnock Herbal Society

Minutes: May 31, 2017

Meeting started at 7:10 PM we had 9 members and 2 new Kim Drake, and Beverly Weymouth. Plant and herb swap had lots of plants and herbs to choose jumpin johnny, lily, parsley, thyme, lemon thyme, tomato plants, hasta, chamomile, just to name a few great turn out.

Herb Of Month:
Gale Luby had talked about Strawberry that takes tartar off teeth.
Ginger – peel, chopped or squeezed into tea helps with sore throat, headache, motion sickness and digestive aid.
Aloe helps hair to grow, helps burns, cuts, insect bites.
Cherries have melatonin in them which make you sleepy.
Cabbage is a probiotic and prebiotic, also packed with vitamin B good source of vitamin C.
Kidney beans are poisonous to people with type A blood.
Black Walnuts highest protein content of any nut tree, the tree poison the ground under the tree.
Cinnamon 4 kinds – Ceylon, Cassia, Saigon, Korinjte.

Gale talked about coconut sugar instead of regular sugar looks like brown sugar, may alter the taste or color of a final product. Coconut sugar has 3 to 9% fructose and regular sugar is 50% fructose. Raw honey is another good sweetener.

Where you can buy vitamins and lots of other things. 

Bonnie Smiley:  Passed away May 2017.  Gale told us about her house, the kitchen wall was painted a rich coral color. And then she noticed a Amaryllis the same color on the table against the wall.

New Business:  Joan Phipps treasurer is not able to continue as treasurer at this time. Marian as the other signatory will collect the money temporarily until another person can be found to be treasurer. Anyone available??? It is not a major time consuming job.

Brochures: Joan O’Connor brought in Concord Farmers Market Capitol street Concord NH. Buy local,, Fiddlehead book,  a guide to living local in southern NH. Garden in the woods 180 Hemenway Road Framingham,Ma.01701. And to name a few Farmers Markets to visit: Hillsborough, Henniker, New Boston, Washington.

Notices for meetings: Will be sent out to remind everyone who is doing what,who is the MC, Hostess, and herb of month.

And the address will be send out for June meeting which will be at Marian at 4:00 PM.

Hope to see you all at the next meeting.
Until next thyme





March 2017

Members Present: Mickie Clement, Jean Greff, Gale Luby, Marian Baker, June Holm and a new member Pasca Ferwerda,

Meeting started at 7:10 PM we swapped herb,and flower seeds. That was great and talked about different one we had, here are a few names we had and swapped, Sweet William, echinacea, mallow, bird house gourds, black cohosh, carrots, pansies, balm, plus many more.

Herb of month: GingerGale Luby talked about how it’s anti-inflammatory, and here a couple of other benefits, treating colds,nausea,helps reduce sinusitis,and throat soreness. you can slice it or grated it and squeeze into boiling water  to make a tea and simmer for 15-20 minutes depending on taste. you can add honey or agave nectar to taste.

We talked about Cold Frames so you can start your garden earlier in spring and have your garden later in the fall. Here are some chilling resistant crops,spinach, chard, scallions, carrots to name a few.Meetings for coming month’s

April meeting has been changed from Birds of NH to a herbalist coming in from Grasshoppers Garden Center from New Boston to talk about a couple herbs,and how to prune fruit trees and berry bushes.

May:  Herb & Plant swap
June: Mary Neubacher for tea ???
July: Shaker herbs???
Aug: Watermelon at Gale Luby’s
Sept: Birds of NH
Oct: Silent auction
Nov: Soup & bread
Dec: No Meeting

Website: Monadnock Herbal Society will be updated, as well as Facebook and notice’s  put in papers.
Emails will be sent out before the next  meeting for a reminder.
Hope to see you all at the meeting.
Until next thyme,

January 2017

Members Present: Jean Greff, Marian Baker, Jackie Morehouse, Mickie Clement, June Holm.

Blessing was done by Mickie Clement.

We had a Potluck Supper  that was great.
Mexican Chicken was made by Jean, Ribs with pineapple Marian, Chicken Ramenoff  and Apple Cider Mickie, Cheese and Crackers and Dessert, tea, coffee June Holm.We talked about not having a meeting for February and decided not to have meeting.

The next meeting will be March 29, 2017   7:00 PM  Smith Church Hillsboro. This meeting will be about Starting seeds and swap seeds. So bring your extra seeds for herbs  plants, and veggies you want to swap. Even if you have to buy a pack of seed to share.

And please bring some newspaper to put on tables.
Marian will bring Dessert, Jackie will bring drinks.

Feb 22: No meeting
March 29: Starting seeds and seed swap.
April 26: is still open.
May 31:  Speaker: Trying to get Janet Byron with her bird
June 28:  Herb & Perennial plant swap.
Notice will be send out to remind everyone of meeting. And I would like to know who is coming so we can get a head count so if you could just email back when I send out notice.
Hope see you all there!
Any questions please feel free to e-mail or call me.
Thank You!   June

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